Voguing Reality

Voguing Reality

This was my thesis project for my Masters in Integrated Digital Media at New York University Tandon School of Engineering. Created in Unity in conjunction with Oculus Rift and written in C#.


Many Americans live a life that does not fit the category of middle class, white, child-producing, monogamous married couples, or heteronormative couples for short. The lives outside of heteronormativity do not really exist in the lexicon of hegemonic geographic and architectural history. The omission of queer lives from history has only begun to gain more mainstream prevalence since the early 1940’s, especially with the creation of Drag Ball culture in New York. Queer spaces were developed in part, in opposition to the institutions of heterosexuality, family, and reproduction. As such, these spaces act as critically subversive areas that challenge and reimagine the gender binary. Much like queer spaces, virtual reality parallels queer culture in that it challenges our perceptions of reality and how things we see cannot always be taken at face value. Voguing Reality is a virtual reality experience that places the viewer in stereotypically LGBT intolerant spaces where they watch and participate as the audience in a Vogue dance off. With Vogue’s rich history and roots in the New York Drag Ball culture, Voguing Reality transforms these intolerant spaces into queer spaces through the use of virtuality as a means of creating a reality that doesn’t exist in our current society.

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Date: May 5, 2016

Categories: Virtual Reality, LGBT, Vogue, Game Design


Neill Chua is an aspiring LGBT media technologist.

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